Lawn Care Advice

Lawn Care


Watering is essential for new lawns to establish. New lawns must be watered as soon as it is laid down to prevent the lawn from drying out. Once the lawn is laid you will need to water your lawn once a day for the first week. A good tip is to lift an edge of your lawn up and check if the soil underneath is moist. If it isn't then your lawn needs more water. After the first week it is unnecessary to water your lawn as often. Every 2-3 days is sufficient until established. You can test if your lawn is established by lifting an edge of your lawn. If it holds well it is attached if it separates from the ground it needs more time.

Lawn Care


When the lawn cannot be easily lifted, this indicates your lawn's root system has begun to bind with the soil and so growth begins. Generally, new lawns can be mowed 2-4 weeks after being laid. When mowing, only take the tips of your lawn, as this increases the health and strength of the lawn.

Lawn Care


Regular fertilisation of your lawn maintains a healthy lawn. All Year Round Turf recommends to spread fertiliser down before you lay your lawn. A slow release fertiliser such as, Scott's Lawn Builder New lawns and repair should be spread on top of the soil just before you lay your lawn and use a rake to lightly rake the fertiliser through the soil. Once your lawn is established you should use a slow release fertiliser such as Scotts lawn builder regular slow release and fertilise at the beginning of spring, mid summer and mid autumn. You can spread fertiliser by hand or with a fertiliser spreader which you can purchase from All Year Round Turf. (see products tab).

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