Commercial Lawn Services
Ground Preparation All Year Round Turf specialise in commercial lawns, with 20 years of experience, we have all the equipment and experience needed to get the job done at a high standard. All Year Round Turf will remove the existing lawn, once the existing lawn is removed we will then level the ground by using a lawn Harley Rake and bobcat. Next we add turf underlay which is sand and soil mix of correct depth according to your current soil health. We then rotary hoe the ground using the Harley Rake and finally spread a slow release fertiliser just prior to laying the lawn.
Laying All Year Round Turf not only does standard rolls (1m²) but also maxi rolls, average size (20m²) but we can alter this size depending on the job. By using maxi rolls for larger areas a neater, more efficient end result is acquired, as there are fewer joints. All Year Round Turf uses large machinery to cut and lay the maxi rolls which raises the quality of this convenient process. For further enquiries, call All Year Round Turf and speak to the experts.
Planting Line Planting and Sprig Planting

Through using the specially designed line planter or sprig planter All Year Round Turf can complete the whole job with less cost.

These planters slice the existing ground surface, shreds the rolls of turf into tailored pieces which then drops into the open slits previous made into the ground finished with being sealed off by the rear roller. Line planting and Sprig planting is ideal for sporting fields, ovals, parks and Golf Course.

Sprig planting is used for bare soil and line planting is used for existing ovals/sports fields which need to be refurbished.

Contact All Year Round Turf for further enquiries and a free quotes on any of our services.
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