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Turf Installation Sydney is a sheet of grass that can be laid around your home or business property for recreational or decorative purposes. There are several types of grass turfs available in the market today, but not all of them have been able to successfully survive in the harsh Australia conditions to stay healthy, soft and green. Only a handful of grass turf can tolerate the tropical weather of Australia and Sir Walter Buffalo grass turf is one of them.

Turf Installation Sydney

  • Sir Walter grass is an Australian born and bred premium grass turf, and it is only grown and supplied by a selected group of expert and experience turf producers. In addition, these Turf Installation Sydney requires certain license to produce this breed of premium grass turf. Currently there are only somewhere around 60 licensed Sir Walter Buffalo grass turf producers across Australia. In order to ascertain the genuineness of Sir Walter Buffalo grass turf, it is always accompanied with the Certificate of Authenticity.

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    By nature Sir Walter is a soft leafed buffalo grass. The turf has appealing colour that appears to be soothing than any other turf. In addition to this, it also has the ability to maintain such colour throughout the year despite harsh weather conditions. Besides, ever since it was found in 1996, it has been used in thousands of acres of lawn installation and it proved to successfully shrugged off lawn grubs, weeds, insects, humidity akin funguses, shade and extreme water restriction. Some of the notable features of Sir Walter Turf Installation Sydney are as follows:

    Environment friendly, easy to manage and ideal for Australian conditions.

    No special skills or research required to manage the turf.

    Can maintain its colour and softness throughout the year.

    It is fungus and disease resistant.

    Well known for low maintenance as it does not require much watering.

    It can thrive in shade and can withstand the direct sunlight.

    It is tough and drought tolerant.

    It is self repairing and weed resistant.

    Requires less fertilizing and little mowing.

    Can withstand heavy traffic including pets and children.

    When it comes to maintenance and care, this Turf Installation Sydney when newly installed requires two to three times watering per week in summer months, and once a week in winter. If the turf has been properly established, then it only requires watering once per week. Generally this turf is weed resistant, but if in case weeds do breakout then heavy fertilizing and mowing twice in 3 weeks period is recommended. Read more about Turf Installation Sydney and Kenda Kikuyu


Turf Installation Sydney Kenda Kikuyu Turfing Sydney
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